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HeadStart (2014)

HeadStart was the first pilot of the United Youth programme announced by First Minister Rt Hon Peter D Robinson MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA.  Funded by the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister’s Central Good Relations Fund, 50 young people aged 18-24 who were not in employment, education or training participated on the programme.  For further information see press release from OFMDFM.

Designed and delivered by Springboard staff, the HeadStart programme built upon the organisation’s 20 years plus experience of working with unemployed young people from across disadvantaged communities. Successfully engaging, encouraging motivating young people, which resulted in sustainable outcomes and impacts, core to the programme.  Aligned to ‘Together Building a United Community’ strategy, the three key objectives of the programme were to build better community relations, create better citizens and give employment experience and structured volunteer opportunities.  Feedback from the programme helped to inform the design and structure of the United Youth Programme.

Want an insight into HeadStart? Take a few moments and hear from our participants.