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Wider Horizons (1992-2013)

Funded by the International Fund for Ireland and supported by the Department of Employment & Learning and FAS, these cross community, cross border ‘Wider Horizons’ programmes worked within and across disadvantaged communities in Greater Belfast and Dublin.  The Wider Horizons programmes brought together unemployed young Protestants and Catholics from areas that suffered through ongoing economic deprivation and levels of inter-cultural conflict. The integrated programme themes were personal and professional development, mutual understanding and diversity and peace-building, all of which were delivered in a holistic way and within a local and international delivery framework.

The programmes were designed to generate clear outcomes for individual participants and the communities in which they live. Successful significant results have been achieved both within the arena of mutual understanding, diversity appreciation and personal, professional development.  Participants emerged from programmes with a stronger anti discriminatory viewpoint, increased empathy that resulted in a firm ethic of social responsibility and capacity for improved interpersonal relationships.  Professionally participants gained specific skills and experience and personally gained a sense of self worth, all of which allowed them to seize opportunities and maximise their potential.