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Holocaust Education Project Limavady (2013)

Working in partnership with Limavady Borough Council this exciting project worked with a small group to explore the Holocaust and the connection to Northern Ireland.

Over the course of four workshops participants explored the effects of stereotyping and prejudice, life in Nazi Germany, the propaganda of prejudice, journey to genocide, the everyday people affected and what lessons can be learned and shared in a local context.

Participants then participated in a 4 day study visit to Poland and the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camps, the scene of undoubtedly some of the worst atrocities committed.

The project aims were to:

  • introduce participants to the history of the Holocaust with particular emphasis on the history and experience of the different groups of people who were put to death and whose lives changed beyond recognition under Nazi persecution at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.
  • tailor the project to provide background information on the Jewish religion; other religious groups who were persecuted; ethnic groups who were executed; people with disabilities and those who were executed because of sexual orientation.
  • inform participants on how we can draw parallels between anti-Semitism and discrimination leading up to and during WWII, and sectarianism and racism today in Northern Ireland.