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This project is supported the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).



Journeys is a PEACE IV funded project giving young people the opportunity to engage in programmes to support individual needs, promote personal development all whilst making meaningful relationship. There are three delivering partners:

Project Budget: €5,074,283.26

Peace IV – Children & Young People Objective

Journeys is funded under the Children & Young People Objective, Promoting Peace and Reconciliation, SO21: (Action 2.1 Children and Young People aged 14-24) Specific Objective 2: Children and Young People with the following specific objective:

‘To enhance the capacity of young people to form positive and effective relationships with others of a different background and make a positive contribution to building a cohesive society.’

Target Group

Journeys is engaging with young people aged 14-24 years, from diverse communities, who are disadvantaged, excluded or marginalised, have deep social and emotional needs, & are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, violence or dissident activity. Young people will be from Belfast, particularly from geographical areas of Belfast Neighbourhood Renewal communities, which suffer high levels of social/economic deprivation, and those areas encircled by the legacy of the conflict/unrest; disadvantaged wards of Greater Limavady & disadvantaged areas in the Border regions of Cavan and Monaghan.

Springboard projects:

  • Ignite; for 14-17yr olds for 6 months

For young people who may be at risk of anti-social behaviour and working in partnership with Trinity College, Hazelwood Integrated College, Belfast Boys’ Model School, Belfast Model School for Girls, Christian Brothers School.

  • GameChanger; for 16- 24yr olds for 6 months. Based on the Red Road framework.

For young people who may be at risk of social exclusion have low self-esteem or involved anti-social behaviour.  The young people may have barriers hindering them in reaching their goals.

  • Gener8, for 16-24 yr olds for 7 months.

Young people will be supported to work towards the goals they set for the programme. A youth led initiative that in which the young people will lead their own learning.

  • Fusion, for 16-24 yr olds for 7 months.

Working young people who have band related experience or are musically minded to socially and culturally within society, concluding with a music performance.  Exploring culture, history and tradition.

  • Xceler8, for 16-24 yr olds for 6 months.

Working with young people to develop leadership skills and have a positive influence. The young people may be at risk from personal or social disadvantages or have been impact by negative behaviour within their communities.

Roe Valley Residents Association


  • Intergenerational art/drama/music/ sport based – for ages 17-24 yr olds, 6 months.

Working with young people at risk from social isolation or impacted by anti-social behaviour. Use the creative medium of art/drama/music or sport.

  • Transition, for ages 14-16 years, 6 months.

Working with Young people in transition to adulthood who are open to generational and environmental influences and at risk of anti-social behaviour.

Cavan/Monaghan Education and Training Board


  • For ages 16-24 years, 6 months. For young people who may be disconnected from community, socially isolated possibly with little or no qualifications. Suffer multiple personal/social/ emotional disadvantages/ likely no qualifications