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The EnGage project aimed to increase participation of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET), particularly vulnerable subgroups of young disabled and immigrant, into Vocational Education and Training (VET) by upskilling VET providers in effective engagement methodologies.  It produced a multilingual, multicultural Train the Trainer toolkit for VET providers.

While the low level of labour market participation of young people is not new, the scale it has reached in the current economic crisis is startling-particularly in relation to the disengagement of NEET young people. If it persists it will lead to long term unemployment, a growth in discouraged workers; and ultimately serious consequences for the economic & social wellbeing of a generation across Europe. A key response is to increase participation of young NEET by upskilling VET providers in effective engagement methodologies.

Working in partnership with 5 European organisations, Springboard led the EnGage project and had primary responsibility for the materials development of this exciting new resource for NEET young people.

The EnGage toolkit is comprised of a “Train the Trainer” toolkit of 5 modules and 2 training modules for delivery to young NEET individuals. Tested in each of the 5 partner countries, the final product was launch in Rome to great feedback and we have provided all the modules as a download on the project website www.llpengage.eu

For more information please contact james@springboard-opps.org

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