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Funded by IFI under their Peace Impact Programme and managed by the Community Foundation for N Ireland, Communities and Youth Together involved a partnership with Springboard as lead partner and Carrick Hill Residents Association as community partner.  It was a 12 month programme which worked within and across two Belfast neighbourhoods to provide single identity, mutual understanding, personal and social education and capacity building for young people 12+ years as well as leaders from both areas.

Carrick Hill Residents Association are a local residents group, originally established in the early 80s. They provide learning and training opportunities to build community capacity in residents of all ages across a range of issues such as health promotion, parenting, youth, emotional well-being, personal development, IT and current community issues. In the last decade the group have successful taken ownership of the local community centre previously run by the city council.  They have been actively involved in cross community debate and dialogue and are keep continue developing their capacity.

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