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Employability & Transversal Skills Delivery for Young Disadvantaged Learners through Innovative Upcycling Methods & Approaches

About our project

This project forms a response to rising youth unemployment figures in the 18-25 years bracket across Europe. It targets, in particular, those who possess low-level qualifications and who by extension, are at risk of long-term social exclusion.

UPDESIGN aims to up-skill adult education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers who are dealing with disadvantaged, low level educated adult learners who do not have sufficient skills and qualifications to (re)enter the labour market. The project will equip providers with employability skills and personal development methods & tools, which are embedded in the world of design and up-cycling.

Key objectives:

• To produce three key pedagogical outputs; an ‘UPDESIGN Curriculum’, a ‘Teaching and Training Handbook’ and a ‘Toolkit’ offering guidelines on how to engage and motivate the target group.

• To create an UPDESIGN Platform whereby beneficiaries can access these open-education resource (OER) materials free of charge in 5 languages (English, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish). Users will have the capacity to both take and directly implement published materials within their own teaching/training institutions, or, alternatively, to design and upload a personalised OER based on the material provided.

• Through the development of the above materials, to improve the skill set of at least 240 teachers, trainers and/or educators.

• To empower young learners by enhancing their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit/know-how, basic literacy skills (reading, writing product descriptions etc.), ICT skills (internet research, image and text creation, promotional material design), organisation and communication skills (reporting, interviewing) and financial literacy (purchase of materials, calculations etc.)

• Through the above capacity building activities, to increase the employability of this group and facilitate their entry/return to work.

• To increase participation in lifelong learning, among those who typically experience exclusion from education and society in general.

• At a wider, social level, to enhance levels of eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability, by extension initiating long-term behavioural changes among beneficiaries (waste management/reduction etc.)

Please feel free to download our flyer and poster.


The following partner organisations will collaborate on the project:

• Springboard Opportunities Ltd. (UK)

• Best Institut GmbH (Austria)

• Consorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro (Italy)

• FVA Sas Di Louis Ferrini &C (Italy)

• Instituto Ekpedeftikou & Epagelmatikou Prosanatolismou (Greece)

• Instituto para el formento del desarrollo y la formación S.L (INFODEF) (Spain)


For further information about the project please visit the project website or contact james@springboard-opps.org


Project No.: 2014-1-UK01-KA204-000085

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

The author is solely responsible for this publication (communication) and the Commission accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.