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Global Peacebuilders (2007-2016)

Global Peacebuilders was an exciting transnational initiative aimed at sharing practice on peacebuilding approaches from across the world and most particularly learning from the experience of N Ireland.

As part of this dynamic learning exchange, the project hosted an online global network of peacebuilding individuals and organisations that profiled their approaches to this work and provided them an opportunity to connect with each other. The project also developed a publication detailing inspiring approaches to peacebuilding and in May 2008 hosted an international conference for peacebuilders to connect and share practice.


The Global Peacebuilders project was rooted in the context of the Northern Ireland peace process. As we move away from decades of violence towards building a sustainable peace, the practice and experience of peacebuilding in Northern Ireland gains significance. Global Peacebuilders not only shared the lessons and experiences of this process with our international colleagues but also helped to create a place where peacebuilders large and small, formal and informal, community-based or government-led, could profile their inspirational work. We believe that while every conflict across the world is distinct, the underlying causes are often similar, and there is much to be gained by building connections and sharing between practitioners.

Although the website sadly closed in 2016 we have decided to keep the project Twitter feed live to help profile the great work being done worldwide!