Springboard is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Set up in 1992, during the horrific final years of the Troubles and at a time of high levels of structural unemployment, Springboard’s beginnings were in the Shankill and Falls and Tallaght in Dublin.  Since then, the organisation has worked against a backdrop of ceasefires, peace processes and political agreements (and disagreements), recession and most recently Covid, to continue to make a difference and support positive change to peoples’ lives.

Our focus has always been being part of the change in young peoples lives and for their communities. Those 13,000+ young people over 30 years have been the lifeblood of our organisation.

Building life and work skills, promoting diversity, good relations, civic participation and supporting wellbeing are core to the organisation’s current work and future.  As co-creators young people shape our provision to offer innovative and transformative learning as well as mutually rewarding experiences. Every day of Springboard’s journey has been and continues to be truly remarkable!

On our journey and in our achievements, we have had many partners. We pay tribute to our funders and the many individuals and organisation who have supported and promoted Springboard’s work over the three decades.  They continue to enable us to do the work we do.

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