Georgia speaks to Community Relations Council


“Because I was able to be myself and felt like I had people who wanted me to succeed and that I could trust.”

Georgia is the newest member to join the Springboard staff team. Once a young person on the Journeys programme, she opened up and shared her story of growth and determination in an interview with funders NI Community Relations Council.

As Georgia explains ‘.it started with a phone call from her friend, you said have to do this!’ and then passed the phone to a Springboard staff member’. After a conversation about the Journeys programme, Georgia decided she wanted to get involved. A few hours later, she signed up and started a 6-month experience that would change her life.

Talking about the programme in her interview with NI CRC:

“I started to gain more confidence than I ever had,” she said. “I became more connected to my community, family and friends. And myself!”  After completing the programme, Georgia progressed to Springboard’s Youth Advisory Group where she would use her own experience to help shape programmes for other young people. A few months later, while supporting the Fusion+ programme as a peer mentor and developing her skills, she was successful in gaining employment with Springboard as a Support Worker on the Journeys programme. Georgia has now also applied to University, something that she always dreamed of doing.

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Georgia, you should be so proud of yourself, all your hard work and committed to helping people is inspiring. We are so excited to have you as part of the team and know you will bring so much to the role to help support young people!

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