Fusion+ Showcases


This year’s Fusion+ programme was delivered to schools across greater Belfast and the North West areas. Each programme gave participants the opportunity to meet other young people, learn about difference and diversity and to explore themes around Good Relations including; Identity, Culture, Community, Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination. The two videos below were created to showcase the great work carried out by staff, schools and most importantly the young people who finished the programme with two showcase events.

The Belfast group focused on highlighting their learning from good relations workshops and created “Alternative World News” a performance piece imaging a new world free from prejudice and discrimination. Young people worked hard to write original scripts that looked back at a society where discrimination, poverty and mental health was common place and compared it to the new world where these issues had been eradicated.

The North West group also pushed themselves creatively and designed a performance outlining their own top tips for good relations. The “Our Lives, Our World” performance incorporated a mixture of poetry, art, movement and monologues, which came from personal stories experienced by the group members. It was clear at the end of the programme how far the young people had come on their individual journeys on the Fusion+ programme. Their new found confidence and self-belief was evident to staff and parents but was also recognised by the young people.

“This program has made me realise that I need to be more kind to myself because I am more capable than I think” Fusion+ North West participant.

“This was the best thing I have done in my life, I have made forever friends that are confident in me for success. The residential and showcase were the best parts. It really gave me confidence to do something else.” Belfast Fusion+ participant.

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