Publications & Videos

Below you’ll find a sample of some publications and videos produced by Springboard or developed to support our ongoing work.


Our Lives, Our Legacy Baseline Report 2023

Baseline report on how events can bring people together & maximise community cohesion.
Download Resource PDF: 679.04 KB

HeadStart Prospectus 2023-24

HeadStart prospectus, learn more about what is on offer and contact us today.
Download Resource PDF: 952.50 KB

NextGen Website 2022-23

Find out all about our NextGen groups survey results identifying the main issues facing young people today.
NextGen Website

Springboard Impact Report 2021-22

A snapshot of Springboard’s programme impact with 402 participants during 2021/2022.
Download Resource PDF: 1,013.21 KB

14-NOW Final 3 Year Report 2022

3-year evaluation report on projects working to increase social inclusion and community participation.
Download Resource PDF: 1.87 MB

Connections Directory 2021

A directory of support services created by participants of Springboard's Gamechanger 2021 programme
Download Resource PowerPoint: 2.92 MB

Unlocking your Lockdown Potential 2020

A survey reflecting the feelings, challenges & support needs of young people during lockdown.
Download Resource PDF: 1.02 MB

Springboard Impact Report 2019-2020

A snapshot of Springboard’s programme impact with 492 participants during 2019/2020.
Download Resource PDF: 1.29 MB

Moment to Movement Report 2019-2020

Research report funded by Spirit of 2012 on understanding how community events inspire social action.
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Communities and Youth Together 2015

An insight into the CYT programme (2014-2015) participants’ communities of Carrick Hill and Inner East Belfast.
Download Resource PDF: 1.49 MB

Twenty-one: 21 Publication 2013

21 interviews to commemorate and celebrate Springboard’s 21st anniversary.
Download Resource PDF: 4.50 MB

Catalyst for Change 2013

Publication to celebrate our 21st anniversary in 2013
Download Resource PDF: 1.72 MB

Global Peacebuilders Approaches to Peacebuilding 2007

Eighteen examples of peacebuilding efforts from across the globe.
Download Resource PDF: 1.30 MB

Video resources

With young people central to everything we do why not check out the videos below to get an insight into how our programmes work and the issues our young people want you to hear about.

Our Lives, Our Legacy (2023-2024)

Participants explore the legacy of the ‘Troubles’ through their ‘lived experience’ & reflect their hopes for the future.

YouthStart (2022)

Participants tell their story on the YouthStart Programme.

‘Be Who You Are’ (2021-2022)

Young people explore impact of being labelled.

‘Same but Different’ (2021-2022)

Participants celebrate diversity.

The Journey (2017-2021)

Participants tell their story on the Journeys Programme.

The Gamechanger Story (2020)

Young people tell their story of being on the Gamechanger programme during lockdown.

A Place to Call Home (2020)

An animation developed by young people that questions how we treat others that seek shelter within our communities.

Journeys of Lockdown (2020)

Young people on Journeys programme reflect on lockdown.

Open & Closed Doors (2019-2020)

Young people explore the open and closed doorways that exist within young peoples’ lives in their communities.

Changing Masks (2019)

A short film by Fusion participants on the different masks people wear.