Our Impact

We measure our impact through the experiences and feedback of our participants on programmes. We are dedicated to making a positive difference, closely listening to our young people and communities to be the best we can be.  We are proud of the impact our programmes have and the longstanding relationships with our young people

Participants 2021-2022

We work with hundreds of young people across several programmes. Below are some profile characteristics of our participants in the year 2021-2022.

Participant Challenges - graphic

32% – Under 15 years
47% – 16-21 years
18% – 22-24 years
5% – 25+ years

Gender diversity

51% – Female
47% – Male
2% – Non-binary / Other

Community background

53% – CNR
36% – PUL
8% – Other
3% – None

Participant engagement

35% – School
9% – Friends/Family/Word of mouth
13% – VCO/Statutory/Public Sector
20% – Springboard
23% – Facebook

"Now that I’ve done this job I honestly couldn’t see myself doing anything else!"

Jobworks+ programme participant

Impact dashboard

Feedback is invaluable for us to improve what we do, to create programmes that resonate and help us to further our objectives. Below are aspects of feedback gathered from our programme participants to help us do just that.

Personal development

93% were happy with their self-confidence.

Personal development

93% were happy with their communication skills.

Good relations

98% found it easy to respect young people from a different background.

Good relations

95% understood young people from a different background.


88% felt ready to move into employment, further education or training.


75% were very involved in activities or services in local community.



92% reflected their participation had a major positive impact on their life.


100% of participants said they would absolutely recommend Springboard to other people.

"I think the program helped me to grow as a person by experiencing things I wouldn't usually and getting to meet new people!"

Journeys programme participant
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