Our Lives, Our Legacy

Moments to Connect

Our Lives, Our Legacy marks the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement by bringing young people together across the sectarian divide to build connections between divided communities.

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Programme Location: Belfast

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What is Our Lives, Our Legacy?

Our Lives, Our Legacy is using the platform of the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement to explore the legacy of “The Troubles”.

The project,  funded through Spirit of 2012’s Moments to Connect programme brings together 15 young people from across the sectarian divide to participate in a series of development opportunities through the year, including a co-created event to mark the anniversary on 10 April.

Our Lives, Our Legacy is an opportunity for Spirit of 2012 to learn more about how a significant national event can be used as a ‘moment’ to shine a light on pervasive issues such as peace in Northern Ireland.

Through their lived experience, the participants will reflect on the conflict and have the opportunity to use it as a platform to explore their hopes for the future.

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